What Happened?

Hey, its Matt (or mmatt) and I made Doob. I have been keeping up with the bot for quite a while, updating the bot frequently and such.

However, this changed last week when I tried to restart the bot after (either implementing a change, or fixing a bug.) the bot wouldn’t connect.

In the Python terminal on my Ubuntu VPS, I was being told that my server’s IP couldn’t verify Discord’s certificate (or something along those lines.)

After this (and still trying multiple times after I first tried to start the bot.), I backed up the server onto my PC, then canceled my VPS (due to personal finance issues.)

Now now you are probably asking.

What happened? Why just quit after a couple of tries, did you even try to install the cert?

I have answers to those questions.

  1. I did try to install the certificate, after installing it, nothing changed.
  2. I can tell you why I quit.
    • Burnout.

After Discord has been making a ton of changes to their API, its been hard trying to keep up. Of course, this isn’t anyones fault but my own. But it has been a good break from developing, and now I’ve been having fun just sitting on my couch, with my laptop, having VS-Code open just writting small features.

Anyways, I’m glad to be back after a short break, and the bot will be up when I get paid xd.

Written on December 14, 2020