Selling Among Us Bot

EDIT (9/18/2020): This article is no longer relevent, as the Among Us Bot is getting rewritten to make it public! (You can still purchase your own custom instance of the bot over on my Patreon Page)

Hey there! I (mmatt) made the Among Us Bot, and I am interested in selling it to some servers!

Why am I selling it?

I am selling it so that

  1. I can make money doing something I love doing.
  2. I can help people setup the bot for them and maintain the bot for them.

Who does this cater to?

This would cater to server owners of Among Us Discord servers (like Looking For Group servers specifically for Among Us)

Why would I want the bot?

If you have an Among Us server, some features the bot has is

  1. Code posting into a specific channel
  2. Find lobbies easier (1 command to start a lobby)
  3. Match Feeds (have a history of who was the imposter and if the imposters won or not.)

How much could this cost me.

I am thinking of doing a price between $2.49/month and $4.99/month. For a lifetime bot I am thinking of charging $10/$15, one time payment.

What am I getting for paying you to host it for me?

  1. Constant support and updates
  2. Free Bot Hosting
  3. Direct contact to the Developer
  4. Minimal bugs

Why did you close the source and make it so we have to pay you to use it, why not open the source and make it so we can pay you to host if for us if we wanted to.

Good question!

I mainly closed the source so that I could personally sell the bot without having to worry about some bootleg popping up and charging double for the bot, while not even being the main developer.

By closing the source, doesn’t this limit contributation to the bot and would make the bot take longer to get new features?

Yes and no.

Yes, this does limit contributation by a lot.

No, it won’t take longer to get new features because there were no contributers to the bot in the first place.

Ok, I’m sold, where can I buy the bot?

The bot is not ready to be sold as of 9/8/2020, this article will be edited when it is ready to be sold.

Where can I pre-purchase/contact you for questions?

I appreciate your enthusiasm for the bot, but I don’t want to make false promisses with pre-purchase options.

You can contact me for questions on Discord at mmatt#0001, and make sure to join the Doob Dev Support Server for more updates!

Written on September 8, 2020