Regarding Servers

(this article has been updated on [9/12/2020], scroll to the bottom to see the edit)

Regarding the server issue.

Hey there, if you don’t know me, I’m Matt, founder of Doob Dev and owner of the Among Us Bot, Ready Up Bot, Doob Bot, VC Bot, and probably more. I used to host all these bots on a t2.micro server on AWS, specifically on the Free tier, I thought this was the #1 way to get a good server running my bots, and even for free. However, I thought wrong. This indeed wasn’t “Free” like I thought, of course, there were limits that I had reached. I was not aware about these limits when I signed up for the server, but that is my fault. Now before you ask, “Matt, how did you reach the limits, your bots aren’t even in 50+ servers yet??!?!?”. The limits were about the amount of hours that the server was running for a month. It was only, 750 a month. The servers usually ran at about 1000 hours a month (or sometimes less, but the main problem, is that it goes above 750.) So my carelessnes cost me. I used to pay AWS $5 a month for Route 53 stuff for my domains and EC2, but the bill had gone so far up, and I didn’t even notice. So I am sorry, for not paying attention to my AWS dashbaord and my costs.

Anyhow, now to move on from that and to move on to some maybe good news! Wait, its more bad news? ugh.

I tried to purchase a PebbleHost Discord Bot Server for my bots, until after the fact, I found out that it only runs 1 bot on a server, 1 bot. This sucks for me, because as you might know, Doob Dev owns about 3-4 Discord Bots that stay online. Even though the servers are cheap ($3 a month), I don’t want to pay for multiple servers, if one server can do the job just fine.

In Conclusion, Doob Dev bots will continue to stay offline indefinently, until I find a server, maybe I will even self host for know, maybe I’ll get a ras pi, idk. Thank you for reading and understanding.

UPDATE [9/8/2020]:

I have purchased a RasPi with 2GB of ram, this should be good for now.

UPDATE [9/9/2020]:

The RasPi is coming soooon. About Tuesday.

UPDATE [9/12/2020]:

It came early! Doob is back up on the old update. Rewrite soon ^TM

Written on September 5, 2020